Red Sox World Series Parade 2004

Hell Froze Over this fall. The Boston Red Sox finally won a World Series.  When the ‘Red Sox won the first two games of the World Series and Boston came up on the weekend airfare special from Atlanta, I got the bright idea that it would be fun to watch the last two games of the Series back home. Turned out to be just in time to catch the World Series championship parade, and I really mean ‘just in time’. As soon as Joe met Mark, Nick, and Andy at Fanuel Hall we heard the roar of the crowd get louder. We ran up the steps in the nick of time to catch a glimpse of the players and the World Series trophy riding by on the parade route. Wow was that cool!


Mark, Nick, Joe, and Bob DiNunno at the Red Sox World Series Parade

Mark, Nick, Joe, and Andy DiNunno at the Red Sox World Series Parade