One More Time

After at least 5 years of trying, Joe finally convinced Todd to come down to Fort Walton Beach early to play in the Bring Your Own Partner beach volleyball doubles tournament that precedes the Fudpuckers 4 Player Volleyball Tournament.  The competition was significantly stronger than Joe’s first brush with the Thrill of Victory, but what made this time better was the fact the finals were played on center court, in front of a small crowd.  To say the situation looked hopeless when Todd inspired the tournament director to come out and give him a lecture would be an understatement. Apparently, Mike inspired the boys because they managed to come from way back to pull this one out against a team that must have been half their age. That last part sort of puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

It is surprising to think that the Champs had to ride 6 hours from home to experience the Thrill of Victory together for the first time. The only question now is, did Todd have enough fun that Joe can convince him to return to the beach in 2012 to defend their title so that they can experience the Thrill of VictoryOne More Time.

Joe DiNunno and Todd Shoenfelt Win Bring Your Own Doubles at Fudpucker's Volleyball in Fall 2011

Fudpucker's Volleyball - Bring Your Own Partner Champions Fall 2011